From waste to resource: Training young researchers on developing innovative, circular solutions for wastewater treatment sludge - INCLUE

Watercircle is the Flemish associated organisation that is specialised in the water and wastewater treatment sector. has around 100 members from different industrial segments that they tackle common water-related problems.’s core task is, therefore, to support the industry by connecting them to the research organisations which can bring solutions to the emerging problems of the industry (e.g., measurement and control mechanisms of emerging pollutants in water streams, treatment and purification techniques, increasing the visibility and ensuring the integration of the most promising treatment systems to industrial processes and digital solutions. also creates bridge industry, RTOs and governmental organisations to support water-related legislative and policy aspects. Due to its profound knowledge and a strong link with the water sector industry in Flanders, can support the CLEAN project by providing feedback to stakeholders (mainly SMEs) by identifying future developments, informing on new business opportunities and providing 1-on-1 support.