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INCLUE positions

We are not accepting applications for the INCLUE project anymore – 11 researchers were recruited for the PhD positions in the INCLUE project.

We thank all applicants for the 11 DN positions. The INCLUE Recruitment Committee has selected the following candidates:

Selected Doctoral Candidates:

PositionSelected candidate
DC1Francisco Javier Ayala Esmoris (Argentina)
DC2Derya Acar (Turkey)
DC3Tiago Martins (Portugal)
DC4Andrea Deiana (Italy)
DC5Luca Bucci (Italy)
DC6Martine Ernestine Fischbach (Luxembourg)
DC7Duy Ngoc Le (Vietnam)
DC8Paniz Pouryaghoubi (Iran)
DC9Erika Sinisgalli (Italy)
DC10Sara Cvetković (Serbia)
DC11Nitin Kumar (India)

Preselected candidates:

Maryam Aram (Iran)
Seyedhomam Seyedjalali (Iran)
Derya Acar (Turkey)
Oliver Salangad (Philippines)
Tiago Martins (Portugal)
Andrea D. (Italy)
Luca Bucci (Italy)
Martine Ernestine Fischbach (Luxembourg)
Eda Duranay (Türkiye)
Duy Ngoc Le (Vietnam)
Emanne Rashad (Egypt)
Zienalabden Hussein (Egypt)
Erika Sinisgalli (Italy)
Salman Sarfraz (Pakistan)
Francisco Javier Ayala Esmoris (Argentina)
Sara Cvetković (Serbia)
Kassem Sara (Lebanon)
Nitin Kumar (India)

The preselected candidates list is not final. A few more names may be added during the following days.

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Instructions concerning the Recruitment Event (template for presentation, agenda information etc.) will be provided to the preselected candidates.

The second recruitment session is ongoing. Please find below the still available DC positions looking for suitable candidates.

Available positions