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Instituto De Investigacao Dafloresta E Papel

RAIZ – Forest and Paper Research Institute is a non – profit association committed to support competitiveness of the Portuguese pulp and paper industry with a wide activity of research on technological topics, forestry, consultancy, specialized analysis and assistance for industry, managing several internal and external projects, all of them industrial-driven. RAIZ has 47 permanent researchers, including 6 PhD and 26 MSc and highly qualified technicians plus 18 collaborators financed by grants/research projects. The main technological research areas are: pulp and paper, environment and sustainability (efficiency of resources usage – water, energy – minimization of environmental impact and residues upgrading) and 3. Biorefineries and bioproducts. The main centre is located at Quinta de S. Francisco (Aveiro, Littoral Centre/North of Continental Portugal) and includes laboratories, pilot plants facilities and administration services. RAIZ is part of THE NAVIGATOR COMPANY. The Navigator Company is the leading European manufacturer of uncoated printing and writing paper and bleached eucalyptus pulp.