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European Biogas Association

European Biogas Association aisbl (EBA) was founded in February 2009 as a non-profit organisation based in Brussels (Belgium) aiming to promote anaerobic digestion and gasification of renewable organic matter that makes the best use of organic materials by producing biogas and biomethane for the generation of renewable heat, electricity, fuel, and fertiliser while closing the nutrients cycle and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. EBA’s members include national biogas associations, international biogas companies and research institutes from across Europe. In the past, EBA has been working with a large number of stakeholders from all over Europe in order to promote sustainable biogas and biomethane production and their various uses by removing the technical and non-technical barriers. This is also the overall objective of this project. Thanks to EBA’s wide network, EBA can significantly contribute to performing the tasks set at highly professional level. The Scientific Committee of EBA (comprising of scientists from University of Ghent Institute of Biogas, Waste Management  and Energy (BE), Fraunhofer IWES (DE), University of Szeged (HU), BOKU University (AT), TNO (NL), DBFZ (DE) will play a central role in providing the science-based input.