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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is a world-class university in the fields of life and environmental sciences and is ranked as the world’s third best university in the field of agricultural and forestry science. The University has as a mission to develop the knowledge about how to use natural, biological land and water resources in a sustainable manner. The Department of Molecular Sciences (ca 100 employee) conduct research in the fields chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, food science and microbiology with focus on fundamental aspects as well as sustainable development and applications in the green sector.

The PhD student will join the dynamic research group Anaerobic Microbial Biotechnology (AMB)  at SLU in Uppsala under supervision of Dr. Maria Westerholm. The supervisor group includes researchers from SLU and Tekniska Verken AB in Linköping with connection to industrial biogas production.