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H2O-PEOPLE BV European Junior Water Program

H2O-People is an SME based in The Netherlands. The European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) is the flagship programme and official trade name of H20-people. Registered in 2015, H20-people became active in the public sphere with EJWP, which is its largest initiative in action to date. Our mission is to enable personal & professional growth through unique programmes aimed at connection of talent to realize potential through all career phases. To do this, we guide, train and challenge our clients with new ideas going out of comfort zones to work on new projects, and enlarge networks to learn how they can collaborate with new people and concepts. H20-people is also a collaboration partner designing tailor-made strategies for participation and funding within EU and other collaboration projects. We focus on the human capital element in programs. We support ambitions of managing a future of natural and technical transformations in the water sector.